Makita MAC2400 Review


The Makita MAC2400 is part of the company’s “Big Bore” lineup which is engineered  to deliver high compression, fast recovery, and less noise. Makita has a strong reputation of building high-quality and long-lasting air compressors and other tools. This model, one of the best selling compressors of all time, has a lot to offer.

At-A-Glance Specs
Twin stack
77 pounds
Tank Size:
4.2 gallons
Peak HP:
Max Pressure:
130 PSI
Pump Type:
Oil Type:
79 dBA
(1-5 stars)

Makita MAC2400 Review

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When you first look at the Makita MAC2400 you’ll immediately notice how solid it is an that it means business. The capacity in the twin stacked tanks total 4.2 gallons. One thing you’ll want to keep in mind is that it weighs as much as it looks. With quality construction comes added weight and this bad boy tips the scales at 77 pounds. While it may turn off some users who favor the most lightweight and portable designs, the weight isn’t a big deal if you only have to carry it short distances. This very impressive looking compressor comes with 2 outlets and has a relatively small footprint making it a great choice for garages.


This is where this Makita really shines. Delivering 4.2 CFM at 90 PSI means you will be able to easily power all your air tools (except for most grinders and sanders which no other small air compressors do either). Not many compressors of this size are able to easily remove lug nuts from a car wheel using a ½” impact wrench but this one does. Building 120 PSI of pressure takes less than a minute and the recovery time is quicker than most competitors. Since it only draws 12 amps, you never have to worry about tripping a breaker. The oil drain and level glass are well located and the MAC2400 doesn’t exhibit the common “dancing” and “spinning” on the floor like so many other models do.

Pump Type

Most experts will tell you that having an oil-lubricated pump is important if you want longevity out of your air compressor and reduced operating temps. The Makita has this. The efficient pump is made of heavy duty cast iron and is designed for fast recovery times. Because the Makita MAC2400 runs at a low 1720 RPM, you can expect a low life for the motor and pump since they simply don’t have to work as hard.

Noise Level

While the Makita is technically rated at 79 dBA through the manufacturer’s website, we found it to be much quieter than other models that registered near the 80 dBA mark. Suffice to say, this model is one of few portable air compressors that let you actually talk to others without yelling or listen to music on the jobsite. You could also consider the Rolair FC2002 if you want an even quieter air compressor with similar performance.

Who It’s For

The Makita MAC2400 was designed for homeowners and contractors alike. Whether you keep it in the garage for occasional home use or throw it in the back of your pickup to take to the jobsite, you’ll be able to get the job done quickly with minimal frustration. Perfect for all sorts of nailing and light impact use, or simply quickly filling tires or blowing air to clean. The MAC2400 is one of a few small compressors that will be able to handle two nailguns being used at the same time.


  • Very well built; will last you years
  • Tackles pretty much any job you throw its way
  • Fairly quiet
  • Easy to use
  • Makita customer service
  • Parts are easy to find


  • Heavy but still can carry short distances with one hand
  • Air filter doesn’t sit properly (hint:  use teflon tape)
  • No cord holder
  • Poor manual

Final Verdict on the Makita MAC2400 Air Compressor

If you’re looking for one of the best home use or jobsite compressors at this price range, the Makita MAC2400 fits the bill. All Makita tools are known to hold up very well over time and this compressor is no exception. Maybe you bought one of those “cheap” air compressors and you realized it was a mistake or you’re researching your first air compressor purchase. Either way, you won’t regret buying the Makita MAC2400. If weight is an issue, an excellent alternative to consider is the Rolair FC2002.

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