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Who Makes Central Pneumatic Tools?

Central Pneumatic is a product line of tools and accessories that was launched by Harbor Freight Tools over 30 years ago. Most well-known for their Central Pneumatic air compressor line, this company also produces air compressor parts and accessories including nailers, impact wrenches, grinders, polishers, sanders, nibblers, ratchets, and riveters. What makes Central Pneumatic so popular is their combination of low price and durability. Professionals in the construction industry may prefer the much more expensive and heavy duty brands, but Central Pneumatic air tools are perfect for the average homeowner who needs to complete a few home improvement or remodel projects around the house.

Like other major tool companies, Central Pneumatic parts and tools are thoroughly tested through the Quality Assurance division of Harbor Freight Tools. While most will never use a Central Pneumatic air compressor and nail gun to completely frame a new house, the testing environment includes some of the most difficult job site situations a user may face. By implementing tough pre and post-production testing, Central Pneumatic tools are continuously evolving and improving. The data gathered from testing is used for reducing any known defects and improving the next generation of products.

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Author's Note: I restore cars as a hobby so I use a variety of air tools. Over the past 3 years, I've built up a collection of about a dozen "go-to" tools. Almost all are made by Central Pneumatic. Contrary to what most "experts" say, there is no real reason to spend $500 on an air compressor unless you will be running it non-stop all day long. The $120 Central Pneumatic air compressor I bought 3 years ago is plenty powerful for whatever job I throw at it and runs as good as the day I bought it. I've gone through a couple grinders but I use them A LOT. My old Makita grinder which cost 10x as much gave up even sooner. I oil every air tool I use on a daily basis and that is the extent of maintenance I do. For their cheap price and surprising durability, I would recommend Central Pneumatic to almost anyone.

Where to Buy Central Pneumatic Tools and Accessories

Central Pneumatic products can be purchased at Amazon, Harbor Freight Tools, as well as select other online stores. A Harbor Freight Tools coupon can frequently be obtained through their website or in the mail. It is generally 20% off a single item. This makes buying a high quality cheap Central Pneumatic air compressor affordable to almost everyone. Various Central Pneumatic parts can also be obtained through many of the reputable online merchants, such as the ones near the top of this page. All Central Pneumatic tools carry a 90-day warranty from the date of purchase. Simply return the item to your local Harbor Freight Tools store.


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  1. Donald Willhide says:

    I’m trying to find the three quarter inch spacer for the floor nailer that I have. I have the half inch attached to the tool but I need the three quarter inch. I cannot find the rubber bottom that goes for a three-quarter inch is there any way you can send me information on how to obtain the three quarter inch rubber spacer or can I buy one directly from the manufacturer you.

  2. Clarence T Nolley Jr says:

    I purchased a 20Lb Sandblaster from your store in Copperfield Concord NC,and i can’t get the thing to work
    i have the correct media material but just can’t get it to work.the Gentleman at the store told me to call you
    and if you could not help me for me to return the item to the store, i still have all the components that came with it and the Box.

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