Buying a Contractor Grade Air Compressor


If you’ve ever put up a fence the old fashioned way (hammer and nails), you realize how much easier a good contractor grade compressor would make it. The traditionalists may not think so, but construction is dependent upon compressed air. If you are a professional contractor, you know that time is money. If you have a powerful and reliable air compressor, you will soon recover your investment because of increased efficiency and productivity. Below are the most common types of contractor grade air compressors.

Portable Single-Stage Air Compressors

Very popular with builders because of their portability and large tank size. The larger tank size allows the compressor to not have to cycle on/off as much as smaller compressors. Most contractor grade portable compressors include wheels. Large inflatable tires are much better than small plastic tires on some cheap models. These types of compressors have a much higher CFM when compared to their “consumer” grade counterpart and allow a much larger range of air tools to be used.

Wheelbarrow Air Compressors

Like a normal garden wheelbarrow, this type has one tire (sometimes two) up front with sturdy handles in the back. A favorite at job sites, wheelbarrow compressors include powerful engines, large air tanks, and are built to handle challenging conditions. Because of their heavy weight (some weight up to 300 pounds!), they are not the easiest to move around but are still considered portable.

Twin-Stack Air Compressors

Same as the consumer version but with more power and higher quality materials. While twin-stack units are still considered the portable variety, they can weigh as much as 80 pounds so moving them around is not as easy as some of the small compressors available.

Truck Mounted Air Compressors

As their name implies, truck mount compressors are situated on the back of a pickup truck. This type of compressor often has very large air tanks, high CFM capabilities, and is able to run continuously for hours on end. The biggest disadvantage is that this type can only go where you car can go

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