Comparison Chart


Last update: June 2017


To help you quickly narrow down your options when it comes to buying your new compressor, we’ve created this interactive chart. Click on the column headings to sort. To check the current price of each model, click on the image or model name.


$ = up to $150       $$ = $150 to $300       $$$ = $300 to $500       $$$$ = $500 and above

all-power-america-apc4016a-reviewAll Power America APC4016-A64.275 dBA$3.0
Bosch CET4-20W-reviewBosch CET4-20W44.980 dBA$$$4.0
Bostitch CAP1512-OF priceBostitch CAP1512-OF1.22.889 dBA$5.0
Bostitch CPACK2A-R ReviewBostitch CPACK2A-R62.872 dBA$$5.0
Bostitch CPACK300 priceBostitch CPACK30062.872 dBA$$5.0
Bostitch UCPACK1850BN combo kit reviewBostitch CPACK1850BN62.872 dBA$4.0
California Air Tools CAT-6310 ReviewCalifornia Air Tools CAT-63106.33.860 dBA$$4.5
California Air Tools CAT-10020 ReviewCalifornia Air Tools CAT-10020105.370 dBA$$$5.0
Campbell Hausfeld FP209000RB reviewCampbell Hausfeld FP209000RB20.885 dBA$2.0
Campbell Hausfeld FP209499 reviewCampbell Hausfeld FP20949930.490 dBA$3.0
Campbell Hausfeld HU502000AV reviewCampbell Hausfeld HU502000AV203.885 dBA$$3.0
DeWalt D55140 ReviewDeWalt D5514010.869 dBA$4.0
DeWalt D55141FNBN  priceDeWalt D55141FNBN2279 dBA$$4.0
DeWalt D55146 reviewDeWalt D551464.55.278 dBA$$$5.0
DeWalt D55151 ReviewDeWalt D5515143.280 dBA$$4.0
DeWalt D55167 ReviewDeWalt D55167154.878 dBA$$$4.0
DeWalt D55684 ReviewDeWalt D5568410.510.580 dBA$$$$4.0
GMC Syclone 6310 ReviewGMC Syclone 63106.32.460 dBA$$5.0
Grip-Rite GR152CM ReviewGrip-Rite GR152CM22.675 dBA$$4.0
Hitachi EC12 ReviewHitachi EC124475 dBA$$4.0
Hitachi EC2510E ReviewHitachi EC2510E89.3N/A$$$$4.0
Hyundai HPC6060 priceHyundai HPC 606062.585 dBA$$4.0
Industrial Air CTA5090412 ReviewIndustrial Air CTA509041245N/A$$$$4.5
Industrial Air IL1682066 ReviewIndustrial Air IL1682066205.371 dBA$$$$5.0
ingersoll-rand-p1iu-a9-reviewIngersoll Rand P1IU-A94.54.480 dBA$$$5.0
Makita MAC700 reviewMakita MAC7002.63.380 dBA$$5.0
Makita MAC2400 ReviewMakita MAC24004.24.279 dBA$$5.0
Makita 5200 ReviewMakita MAC52005.26.590 dBA$$$4.0
Porter-Cable C1010 reviewPorter-Cable C101010.871 dBA$3.0
Porter Cable C2002 reviewPorter-Cable C200262.682 dBA$$4.0
Porter Cable PCFP12234 reviewPorter-Cable PCFP1223462.682 dBA$$5.0
Quincy 2V41C60VC ReviewQuincy 2V41C60VC6015.975 dBA$$$$5.0
Rockford CAT944 ReviewRockford CAT94410.490 dBA$2.0
Rockworth RW1504ST ReviewRockworth RW1504ST42.885 dBA$3.0
Rolair FC2002 ReviewRolair FC20024.34.180 dBA$$4.0
Rolair JC10 ReviewRolair JC102.52.360 dBA$$5.0
Senco PC1010 ReviewSenco PC101010.769 dBA$5.0
Senco PC1131 ReviewSenco PC11314.34.477 dBA$$5.0
Porter Cable CMB15 ReviewPorter Cable CMB15
1.52.079 dBA$3.5
NorthStar 25653 ReviewNorthStar 25653
205.580 dBA$$$4.8
California Air Tools CAT-4620A ReviewCalifornia Air Tools CAT-4620A
4.65.370 dBA$$$$3
Kensun D1002 ReviewKensun D1002
0050 dBA$5
Porter Cable PXCMF220VW ReviewPorter Cable PXCMF220VW

4.084 dBA$$3.5
orter Cable CMB15 ReviewPorter Cable CMB15

152.4115 dBA$2
Viair 85P ReviewViair 85P
-0.9252 dBA$4
Bostitch BTFP02012 ReviewBostitch BTFP02012
62.679 dBA$4.4
California Air Tools 5510SE ReviewCalifornia Air Tools 5510SE
5.52.260 dBA$$4
Porter Cable PCFP02003 ReviewPorter Cable PCFP02003

3.52.082 dBA$4.2
Q Industries MV50 ReviewQ Industries MV50

02.5479 dBA$3.9
ROLAIR 9HP Honda Review

920.179 dBA$$$$4.9
Senco PC0968 ReviewSenco PC0968
95 dBA$$4

California Air Tools 10020C Review
California Air Tools 10020C

70 dBA$$$4
62.675.5 dBA$$5
Industrial Air ILA3606056 ReviewIndustrial Air ILA3606056

6011.579 dBA$$$$4

Powermate Vx PLA4708065 ReviewPowermate Vx PLA4708065

801483 dBA$$$$3.5
SuperFlow MV-90 Review
SuperFlow MV-90
275 dBA$$4.5
PowRyte Basic 103330 ReviewPowRyte Basic 103330

30.6585 dBA$
Campbell Hausfeld FP2028 ReviewCampbell Hausfeld FP2028

Stark 3.5HP 65151 ReviewStark 3.5HP 65151
103.5N/A dBA$4