What is the Best Brand of Air Compressor?


The question is asked all the time and answers will vary. It ultimately depends on what you will be using your compressor for but in general based on countless reviews, we have determined these to be the best.

Top 3 Air Compressor Brands


#1 – Bostitch

best bostitch air compressor

Produces a variety of high-quality, low cost tools for home owners and contractors alike. Mostly known to have some of the best pneumatic tools, they also make some excellent compressors to power them. Bostitch air compressors are generally much lighter weight than others and because of their low-amperage, you will not have any issues running them off standard household outlets. Finally, their pump are oil-free so home users will love not having to worry about maintenance.

The Bostitch CAP1512-OF is one of the best and most popular home use air compressors on the market. The company is also known for their combo kits which include a good quality air compressor and all the tools you need to get started on projects. They are one of the best values out there.



#2 – Makita

best makita air compressor

Considered to be one of the leaders when it comes to innovative, reliable, and long-lasting pneumatic tools. Their air compressors are powerful and built to last. You will notice them being heavier than others and this is all due to excellent build quality. Makita has an extremely loyal customer base and their models are some of the most recommended. While the cost a little more up front, you will actually save money in the long run most of the time if you consider tool lifespan.

The MAC700 and MAC2400 are by far Makita’s most popular compressors and continue to be highly rated by DIYers and contractors alike.



#3 – Senco

best senco air compressor

Not as widely known as other air compressor manufacturers, this brand simply produces great air compressors. Don’t let their low prices fool you. Many of them are as good or even better than units costing 3x as much. You can tell the engineers did their research. Portable, quiet, reliable, inexpensive… all qualities associated with Senco.

Both the PC1010 and PC1131 that we review received 5 stars. One is great as a quiet and inexpensive home use compressor while the other is an inexpensive, heavier-duty compressor for the jobsite.