Central Pneumatic Air Compressor Parts


Just what exactly are Central Pneumatic Air Compressor parts? Most likely have a concept of just what an air compressor is. It’s a cumbersome machine with a tank which goes buzzing when turned on. But are you aware that there are actually hundreds of them? They also vary in sizes and shapes. Some are handy inflators, some are relatively large yet light enough that they are called “portable”, while some are generally for professionals such as the wheelbarrow air compressor. Nail guns, sanders, staple guns, and ratchet wrenches also integrate using the same classification. Huge surprise! Not all air compressors are cumbersome and buzzing after all.

Essentially, an air compressor increases the quantity of air in a specific space. Whenever air is packed, the air pressure increases and this results in a power beneficial for many uses. Central Pneumatic air compressors and alongside with Central Pneumatic air compressor parts are utilized in most industrial sectors, manufacturing companies, commercial businesses, as well as households.

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To comprehend this tool much better, it might be beneficial to understand about the original compressor that is the human lung. As soon as you inhale deeply to blow out your birthday cake, you’re essentially increasing the air pressure in your lungs just like the compressor containing pressurized air. You release a puff and out goes pressurized air out of your mouth. The lungs are extremely important and so they need to be properly looked after. When something should go wrong with them, you cannot buy a replacement on the internet.

Central Pneumatic air compressor parts, however, can be found in the market if something fails due to overuse (or misuse). The components fluctuate in cost depending on who you buy through as well as the condition of the part. Stores selling Central Pneumatic Air Compressor Parts are essential to the marketplace because a great number of individuals make use of this manufacturer of air compressor.

Where Can You Buy Central Pneumatic Air Compressor Parts?

Many nearby hardware stores, especially Harbor Freight Tools, carry a complete line of Central Pneumatic air compressor parts but you will usually get a far better deal on the web. Be cautious while purchasing refurbished Central Pneumatic compressor parts from such sites as Ebay since the parts may be using substandard off-brand pieces. Your best bet would be to purchase Central Pneumatic air compressor parts through trustworthy online merchants including the ones we list on this site.


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  1. Dave says:

    I have a central pneumatic pancake air compressor, model 61615 and have a part that I can’t locate anywhere. It’s the “neck” piece. The metal tub that houses the gauges. It literally cracked. I believe this is a part that should not have cracked and I need to replace it. I can’t locate this part and am asking you to provide it. Please let me know how to get it. As I don’t have a part number, I can’t give that, however I can describe and, if you provide a manual with part numbers, I can certainly look it up. Please respond. Thanks.

  2. i have a central pneumatic pancake 6G 1.5hp that has stopped working only used it twice. brought it three months ago. the store would not take it back because i did not perchise the extended warranty. i think a fuse in it has blown. how can i find the fuse box. or is there one.

  3. Sal Piscitello says:

    I have a 6 gal. 1.5 hp, 150 psi, mod. 67696, oil less air compressor. It runs continuously and both the tank and line pressure do not get above 30 psi. I believe the problem is the check valve. Is this correct or could it be a blown gasket?

  4. patrick j ulrich says:

    a part has broken on 2 hp 8 gal compressor. It is at the end of a tube and is 1 inch round, threaded and hollow in the middle that contains a rubber par a soft spring about 3/4 inch round. Can you help me?

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