Makita AC001 Compact Air Compressor Review


Compressors are meant to be used numerously in the work site or station. Makita compressors are favourites among contractors as they recover very fast, produces minimal noise, the tools last longer and gives the same results over and over again. The pump is manufactured from cast iron for maximum durability. It is shipped with a quick coupler. The compressor gives professionals the perfect finish they need.

At-A-Glance Specs
27.4 pounds
Tank Size:
1 Gallon
Peak HP:
Max Pressure:
125 PSI
Pump Type:
Induction motor
Oil Type:
Oil less
72 db
(1-5 stars)

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The Makita ACOO1 weighs in at about 27.4 pounds and with a 1 -gallon gas tank, it is clearly a light duty compressor for the indoor uses. The whole compressor measures about 14x15x15 inches. This one is made for home usage.


The Makita ACOO1 is built with the sole purpose of delivering a sucker punch. It has a very powerful 1/6 horsepower output from its induction motor, delivering up to 125 PSI of compressed air. This competes favourably with its fellow from Makita, the Makita MAC5200 which delivers 140 PSI but weighs 100 pounds and has a 5.2 gallon air tank.

Tripping of circuit breakers and startups can be annoying when you plug in your compressor to the mains. The Makita AC001 draws a small amount of current so you have smooth running operations.

The compressor has the ‘roll cage’ construction which covers the motor and pump assemblies from impacts.

Pump Type

This pump uses an oil less pump which is very basic. It is very good for you who does not have good mechanical skills as the pump requires no maintenance at all. Even if I did require the good mechanical skills, the best option would be to throw it away and buy a new one.

Noise Level

Having a noise level of 72 dBA, it is 22 decibels less noisy as compared to the Makita MAC5200. The slow moving parts lower these noise levels.


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Who It’s For

This compressor is ideal for indoor installations, trimming and finishing of carpentry, furniture and cabinets. The lightweight and low noise levels suit it for all indoor works. It is a darling of contractors and professionals.

The air flow rates differ according to the altitudes you are in.


  • Easily portable
  • Compact and sturdy housing for safety and durability
  • The compressor is very quiet
  • Performs light duties excellently


  • Only suited for light duties
  • It has a small air tank

Final Verdict

This is the best compressor to purchase in its class when you want good value for your money. It is small, lightweight, has an easy to carry handle and a powerful 1/6 horsepower output. The Makita AC001 is one of the quietest compressors that money can buy.

When you want a quiet compressor for your indoors, Makita ACOO1 is the compressor of choice. The pump is oil less which means you do not have to do repair works on it.

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