California Air Tools CAT-10020 Review


While brands such as DeWalt, Rolair, and Porter-Cable are regarded as household names when it comes to air compressors, California Air Tools is quickly making a name for themselves. The CAT-10020 is one of the best values when it comes to compressors for the garage or jobsite. As with other compressors by this manufacturer, low noise is a big selling point.

At-A-Glance Specs
California Air Tools
88 pounds
Tank Size:
10 gallons
Peak HP:
Max Pressure:
125 PSI
Power Type:
Oil Type:
70 dBA
(1-5 stars)

California Air Tools CAT-10020 Review

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The physical appearance of this model (and all California Air Tools models in general) can be best described as industrial looking. A 10 gallon steel tank and good overall construction help the CAT-10020 tip the scales at a little under 90 pounds. Fortunately, its large wheels make it easy to move where you need it. The biggest advantage of this unique design is that the entire compressor is under 32″ tall which allows it to fit under almost all workbenches. Try to find another 10 gallon compressor that short. Up drain-valvetop are dual quick-connectors and two large easy to read gauges. Underneath is an easy to reach drain valve.


With a powerful 2 horsepower motor, many users claim it’s comparable to the output of 5 horsepower compressors which they previously had. That just goes to show that horsepower is highly overrated. It’s all about efficiency. The dual piston pump takes about 2-3 minutes to completely fill the tank rating it above average in that area. In addition, the pump/tank combination allows the compressor to keep up the same as many 20-30 gallon units. CFM at 90 PSI comes out to 5.3 making it powerful enough for all but the most air-demanding tool out there.

Noise Level

Here is where the CAT-10020 shines. Putting out only 70 decibels, it’s a huge difference from the normal 80-90 decibel models out there. It may not seem like a huge difference, but trust us, you’ll be thankful for it. You won’t be annoying any neighbors even when you’re working in the garage at night and carrying on a normal conversation with another person standing right next to the compressor is completely doable. Smaller compressor models by California Air Tools are even quieter.

Who It’s For

The California Air Tools CAT-10020 is an excellent general use compressor for homeowners and contractors alike. Because of the dual lines, you and a buddy can get that backyard shed put up in no time. The quietness factor makes it a great choice in residential areas where neighbors have been known to complain about noise. It’s one of a few compressors which can even be run in the basement workshop without rattling the whole house. While you may need something a little heavier duty for construction jobsites, this model does its best to take on anything else.


  • Very quiet
  • Good quality construction
  • Easy to assemble
  • Fast recovery time


  • Low quality wheels
  • On/off switch not in the best location

Final Verdict on the California Air Tools CAT-10020 Air Compressor

Do we recommend this interesting looking compressor? Absolutely. Although many may have not even heard of the California Air Tools brand, you should take the plunge. The CAT-10020 is one of the newer compressors on the market and people are literally raving about it. It may not be as popular as the 15-gallon DeWalt D55167, but by all accounts, the CAT-10020 is a better (and quieter) unit. Good performance and build quality combined with low noise makes this a top rated air compressor by all accounts.


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