DeWalt D55167 Review


The DeWalt D55167 is intended for home use, shop use, some contractor use and those who need a high-powered air compressor. With a 200 max PSI in a large capacity tank, this compressor is able to do jobs others will not. The oil free pump makes this air compressor virtually maintenance free although it's a bit surprising for its size and price point. It delivers exceptional air tool runtimes without needing extensive time for the air compressor to power back up. This not only means you can keep working but it cuts down on how long it takes to get things done, saving you both time and money on a job.

At-A-Glance Specs
Portable horizontal
83 pounds
Tank Size:
15 gallons
Peak HP:
4.8 at 100 PSI
Max Pressure:
200 PSI
Pump Type:
Oil Type:
78 dBA
(1-5 stars)

DeWalt D55167 Review

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The DeWalt D55167 a 15-gallon air compressor with a single horizinal tank and weighs in at about 83 pounds. It comes with an easy pull handle and tough wheels to make it easy to maneuver on the job site or when loading it into a truck or a home. The wide track tires are totally stable, easy to move and there is no maintenance involved, no need to worry about a flat tire.


This DeWalt is a good performer with airflow measuring 4.8 CFM at 100 PSI. With a maximum PSI of 200 and its large tank, this model is able to run much longer than others before the pump needs to kick back on to recharge the tank. It features a 1.6 horsepower engine and uses an electric supply at 120 volts. You can easily pull standard house power without blowing a breaker. The pump speed is 1,750 rpm.

Pump Type

It is an oil-less pump requiring no maintenance. While oil-less models are great in that they require little to no maintenance, they typically have a shorter lifespan. The single stage pump runs off a belt drive. 

Noise Level

The 78 decibel rating is slightly quieter than average and much quieter than a typicall oil-less compressor. This means your compressor won’t constantly be a nuisance when it comes to communication on a job site, garage, or wood shop.

Who It's For

The DeWalt D55167 is kind of a Jack of all trades. People use it at home in their garages and wood shops while some contractors gladly take the D55167 to job sites. While it's not intended to be a full-time contractor compressor, it is able to power most air tools.


  • Efficient high pressure technology for longer air tool run times
  • Compact design for portability
  • Handle doubles as a hose wrap
  • 2-inch gauges for easy to read type surfaces
  • Wide tire track for stability
  • 200 psi max pressure
  • Protection over the gauges to avoid breaking or disconnecting the hose
  • Metal console panel helps protect the gauges as well
  • High flow coupler used for max air tool run time
  • Quick recover time


  • Does not come with an accessory kit
  • Is considered heavy
  • Oil-free motors tend not to last as long
  • Belt drives can break

Final Verdict on the DeWalt D55167 Air Compressor

Overall this is good overall portable air compressor. Those who require a large tank with high maximum PSI and don't want the constant cycling on and off of compressors with smaller tanks have a good model on their hands here. If such a large tank is not necessary, you'd actually be better off with the cheaper DeWalt D55146. You can trust the DeWalt name to bring you quality tools every time. The combination of power and tool run time on this unit is hard to match in any other compressor situation. The ability to move the unit around on wheels makes it simple to work with and you don’t have to worry about long down times as the compressor powers up. The oil-less system helps reduce maintenance problems and will allow you to set the compressor on an unlevel surface. 

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