California Air Tools CAT-6310 Review


California Air Tools comes out with another excellent product with the CAT-6310. Like most CAT compressors, they value quietness and performance over looks. If you’re looking for a good all-around compressor for your garage or workshop, this unit is worth considering. Only available since 2012, it’s already looking to be quite a popular air compressor.

At-A-Glance Specs
California Air Tools
Portable horizontal
49 pounds
Tank Size:
6.3 gallons
Peak HP:
Max Pressure:
120 PSI
Power Type:
Oil Type:
60 dBA!
(1-5 stars)


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cat-6310-reviewLike other California Air Tools units, it won’t win any “eye candy” awards with its industrial looking design and silver finish. The 6310 sports a 6.3 gallon steel horizontal tank with the motor sitting directly on top of it. Weighing a bit under 50 pounds, the large wheels and handle make it easy to move around, even over rough terrain. As an oil-less model, it can be used while on a sloped surface and in any temperature. Although it may not look like much, good quality parts are used and welding appears solid.


Instead of a typical single cylinder loudly banging away at high RMP, the California Tools model uses dual cylinders at a low 1680 RPM for much better efficiency. Not only is there less wear and tear, the difference in noise is impressive (see below). Drawing only 8 amps, it starts up on the first try even in cold weather and you won’t encounter any issues with tripping breakers in your garage.

Rated at 3,000 hours of runtime, the motor has an above average lifespan over similar sized models. While you may need something a bit bigger for painting a car (such as the big brother CAT-10020), the CAT-6310 and its 3.8 CFM at 90psi is able to handle almost any air tool you throw at it, even a framing gun for small projects.

Noise Level

The CAT-6310 is literally one of THE quietest home compressors ever made, right up there with the smaller Rolair JC10. We’re talking 60 decibels quiet! To put that into perspective, a normal conversation is about 65 decibels. No annoying earplugs are required. Live in a community with a strict noise ordinance? No problem. You can work in your garage on a project at two in the morning if you want.

Who It’s For

Since low noise (and price) are two of the biggest advantages, the 6310 is perfect for homeowners, hobbyists, and weekend warriors. Contractors who mainly work indoors where noise is more of an issue should also take a good look at this compressor. This CAT compressor will easily take on any small to medium job and would be a fantastic air brushing compressor.


  • Incredibly quiet for an air compressor
  • Reasonably quick to fill up (about 2 minutes)
  • Very light for its tank size
  • Easy to assemble (install wheels and air filter and go!)


  • Pressure gauges not angled up for easy viewing
  • Rubber grip on handle not glued on

Final Verdict

Would we recommend the California Air Tools CAT-6310? Absolutely, unless you plan on NEEDING something more heavy duty for things such as framing a large wall, disc grinding, or spray painting. You will not find a compressor that’s quieter than this one. Put it next to a comparably sized pancake compressor and your understand why the slightly higher cost is well worth it for the noise factor alone.


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