All-Power America APC4406 Quietzone Review


The All Power America compressor is a quiet and powerful compressor with a twin tank made from lightweight Aluminium. This means that rusting of the tanks will not be one of your worries. The oil-less pump makes it very durable and maintenance free.

This oil free compressor is fit for the Do It Yourself (DIY) project lovers. It blows off dust exceptionally well as it also fills tires.

At-A-Glance Specs
All Power America
51.3 pounds
Tank Size:
4.6 gallon
Peak HP:
1.5 HP
Max Pressure:
125 PSI
Power Source:
Electric powered
Oil Type:
Oil free
55 dB
(1-5 stars)




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This compressor weighs approximately 51.3 pounds. The dimensions include a length of 20.9 inches, 20 inches in width and 19.3 inches high. It is considerably bigger when you compare it to the other compressors of its class.


With a 4.2 CFM @ 90 PSI, 5.2 CFM @ 40 PSI, this product delivers a maximum air pressure of 125 PSI, with a power output of 1.5 HP and a 4.6-gallon tank size (uses the twin tank design).

The power requirement is always very readily available in any power outlet. It requires 120 volts at a frequency of 60 Hz.

Pump Type

An oil-free pump is used to compress air. This guarantees longevity of maintenance free service. In the unfortunate event that the pump gets damaged, it is always cheaper to buy a new one than repair it.

Noise Level

All-Power America is a very quiet compressor. The noise level is indicated at 55 dB. Even those who have used it can attest to these very low noise levels. At these noise level, it is even quieter than the SuperFlow MV-90 High-Volume 12-Volt that is way smaller than it.

Who It’s For

This compressor is meant for professionals who need compressors to run staplers and nail guns. There are those of you who like working in quiet environments where you can easily converse as you pass instructions, this low noise compressor is meant for you.

The product performs most household tasks very well. It also runs your hobbyist tools with much ease.


  • Produces very little noise.
  • The overload protector prevents undetected thermal overloading.


  • It tends to get louder with time
  • It does not last for very long.

Final Verdict

The little noise is a plus for the compressor. The capabilities are also decent enough to perform several tasks around the house. However, For indoor compressor purpose, you can find better and cheaper options

This compressor might not top the charts of oil-free compressors in terms of performance, but if it meets all your power needs and you get a nice discount, you can consider it.

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