SuperFlow MV-90 High-Volume 12-Volt Review


The SuperFlow MV-90 air compressor is the top model in the SuperFlow range of pneumatics. It holds vast improvements over their previous model  (MV-50) and features fantastic inflation times. The MV-90 is marketed as one of the best compressors available for the inflation of large tires, but its functionality is also rather limited. Let’s see what makes it run.

At-A-Glance Specs
(Q Industries)
Home Use
Tank Size:
1.5 Gallon
Peak HP:
Max Pressure:
150 PSI
Pump Type:
Oil Type:
75 dB
(1-5 stars)

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The Q Industries SuperFlow MV-90 is extremely lightweight. It weighs just 19.9 pounds, making it easy to transport under your seat or in your boot space. Being a compressor specifically designed for automotive use you will find that the MV-90 has one of the most compact designs to be found.


When it comes to inflating tires, there are few air compressors within the price range that can inflate as efficiently as the MV-90. Running at between twenty-five and thirty-five PSI, it inflates a truck tire within one and a half minutes. Standard sized passenger car tires take just under sixteen seconds to fill. The unit is driven by a 12-volt direct drive motor which gives great inflation rates for all tires.

Pump Type

The pump needs no oil and no maintenance at all. SuperFlow ensures long lasting operation thanks to sealed bearings and high quality manufacturing in all aspects.

Noise Level

While no exact noise level rating was provided by SuperFlow, the MV-90 is not very loud. This quiet air compressor runs at an estimated 70 to 75 dB. It barely poses a distraction when nearby a conversation of friends. It inflates very quickly, leaving the sound made barely noticeable. Without barely any notice at all your tire will be inflated and the job done.

Who It’s For

The tool is aimed at DIY users and off-road enthusiasts. It is the perfect companion to any 4×4 user, giving hassle-free tire inflation on-the-fly. Care should be taken when inflating four tires or more, as the 40 amps pulled from your vehicle’s battery may render it needing a jump start if not running during inflating. It supports the inflation of tires exceeding 37”.


  • Brass bleed valve
  • 12-foot hose
  • High pressure 12V operation
  • Convenient carry bag provided


  • Unit runs extremely hot
  • Rubber pressure line
  • Draws approximately 40 amps of power
  • Restrictive screw-on valve
  • Plastic hoses

Final Verdict

If you have used any of the previous SuperFlow models the first thing you will notice is the vast performance improvement. The application of this tool is fairly limited to the inflation of large tires at high speeds, however at it’s function this compressor excels. There is no better companion for avid off-road enthusiasts and general recreational use. The SuperFlow MV-90 inflates tires noticeably quicker than any other compressor in their range of products.

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