Tekton 4725 Quick Connect Coupler Set Review


Tekton tools, manufactured by Michigan Industrial Tools Company, is one of the largest brands in the hand tool industry. The company, and all of their affiliated brands, offer high-quality, industrial strength hand tools and accessories at an affordable price, often backed by an industry standard warranty. The Tekton 4725 quick connect coupler set is one example of the company’s well-crafted hand tool accessories line. Read our comprehensive review below to see how it stacks up to its competitors.

At-A-Glance Specs
Number of Parts Included:
Construction Materials:

Solid brass

(1-5 stars)

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The Tekton 4725 quick connect coupler set is constructed of solid brass to ensure durability and longevity. It’s packed with impressive features such as single-touch connecting and disconnecting to tools and accessories and a fitting rotation design to prevent air hoses from twisting. Additionally, each piece included in this set will fit snuggly onto ¼-inch NPT tools.

The set includes five pieces: a female quick coupler, a female connector, two male connectors, and one nipple. On top of all of these features, this set is also backed by a 90-day manufacturer’s warranty to give you added piece of mind.

Easy to Use

This quick coupler set is specifically designed to allow the user to quickly and easily connect and disconnect each piece to an air compressor unit. The parts are industrial strength, but can be used by common consumers alike. It is important to note that the pieces included in this set are only universally compatible with ¼-inch air tools, and the threads on these pieces are the industry standard 1/4 pipe.

Common Consumer Questions

The Tekton brand’s high-quality standards don’t just stop at manufacturing great industrial strength tools and accessories. These standards are also held at high esteem for the company’s customer service department. Here’s a list of some of the most commonly asked consumer questions, as well as some answers we have found for these questions.

  1. Can I use these parts to air up a basketball?
  2. No, these parts are specifically designed to connect the end of an air hose to an air tool. You should consider searching for an air tool kit that includes an air needle.
  1. Are these connectors compatible with the Milton Type-M quick disconnects?
  2. Some of the connectors in this set may work with that type of disconnect, however it is not advisable.
  1. I personally prefer to purchase only U.S. made products. What country manufactures this coupler set?
  2. China.
  1. Will these connectors fit onto a tire air valve?
  2. No, sorry.

Final Verdict for the Tekton 4725 Quick Connect Coupler Set

The solid brass construction and the quick and painless connect/disconnect features provided by this set makes it well worth its price tag. When used properly, the parts included in this set can stand up to normal wear and tear with ease. The 90-day manufacturer’s warranty included with this set makes purchasing this product worry-free, not to mention easy on your wallet.

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