Best Air Compressor Hoses


So you bought that great new compressor and you think you’re ready to get started on that long overdue project. But wait! Where’s the air compressor hose? Most people fail to realize that most compressors do not include a hose or come with a poor quality hose that you’ll want to throw in the trash. Fortunately, a good quality hose doesn’t cost much and is well worth it. The two most common types are polyurethane and rubber.

Polyurethane has the advantage of being incredibly light and causing little drag so it’s great for working on a roof. Rubber has the advantage of being the most flexible, even in cold temperatures and is also easy to fix. Generally speaking, if you will be using your compressor mainly in the garage or indoors, opt for rubber. If most of the compressor use will be outside, such as for framing, go with the polyurethane. Just try to stay away from PVC hoses which are tough to uncoil, don’t lay flat, and lose practically all flexibility in cold temperatures.

Best Air Compressor Hose For Home Use

GoodYear 045 3/8-Inch by 50 Feet Safety Yellow Rubber Hose

best rubber air hose

This 50 ft. heavy-duty, reinforced rubber hose is durable enough to offer industrial level performance no mattter what temperature. This hose is rate at 250 PSI, is oil and abrasion resistant, and is made in the USA. Unless you live in a region which never sees cooler temperatures, this Goodyear is a perfect choice when you factor in its low price, high quality, and ability to remain flexible under all conditions.

One of the easiest hoses to coil and uncoil and does not tangle. As with other rubber hoses, the Goodyear is a tad heavier than a poly hose and its surface picks up a lot of dirt as it’s dragged over a floor. That said, there’s really no reason to go to Home Depot or Lowes and spend the same amount of money on an inferior hose when you can have a great one like this Goodyear.

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Best Air Compressor Hose For Outdoor Use

Air Pro PUR-14X050 1/4-Inch by 50 Feet Polyurethane Hose

best polyurethane hose

Also >50 feet long and rated at 250 PSI, the Air Pro polyurethane air hose may not be a brand you recognize but it well-liked by contractors and do-it-yourselfers alike. For a polyurethane hose, it’s one of the most flexible out there. Many will tend to become much stiffer as the temps drop but the Air Pro remains quite flexible.

Its light weight makes it feel as if nothing is attached to your nailer when on top of a ladder or roof. While it’s not difficult to roll back up, this type of material will not have the same ease as a hose made of rubber. In addition, because it’s so light, it will not lay as flat on the ground as a heavier hose. Even with those slight negatives, the positives outweigh them by far.

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  1. joe says:

    I like the rubber and poly hoses – but in opposite uses. the rubber is good for outdoor(durable on framing and if it rubs a rough edge) – and the poly for indoor(easily damaged, I burst one brand new hose that was rubbing on the dege of the roof shingles, during normal use…so they are not tough enough for roofing jobs). they both stay flexible. Dont get the pvc – they feel flexible when brand new…but after a short while, they do not uncoil and stay like a spring shape.

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