Eagle EA-3000 Silent Series 3000 Review


The EAGLE EA-3000 is the most silent compressor in its grade of compressors. You will sometimes surely not to hear it running. This does not mean that it has a low output. It produces a maximum of 125 PSI of air pressure. This is a real silent workhorse, perfect for indoors projects. To have a longer life, the designers incorporated a motor of low RPM which minimises noise and friction. The dual intake of air also contributes to an extension of the product life. The gauges are angled at 650 to ease monitoring and reading.

At-A-Glance Specs
Eagle EA
Hot Dog
39.7 pounds
Tank Size:
1 gallon
Peak HP:
1 HP
Max Pressure:
125 PSI
Pump Type:
Single stage
Oil Type:
Oil free
46 dBA
(1-5 stars)

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This silent workhorse weighs in at 39.7 pounds, further adding to the portability of the compressor. It also occupies less space with a length of 14.2 inches, a width of 16.3 inches and a height measuring 13.4 inches, you cannot miss a spot to place it in your garage.


The compressor delivers air at a peak horsepower of 1, 2 CFM@100 PSI. All these, in turn, generate a maximum air pressure of 125 PSI. This performance is way superior to even the 1-gallon

To increase its life expectancy, it draws very low current (6.5 Amps), thereby improving its life by close to four times those of other compressors. At 115-volt AC and single-phase, you can plug this compressor in your garage outlet, and it will just work perfectly.

Pump Type

An oil free, single stage, double pistoned pump is fitted to this compressor to give you a maintenance free compressor pump.

Noise Level

At 46 dBA, this is the most silent compressor you can get out there. You may be operating it, but you do not hear it run. The slow moving motor parts are the main reason for this low noise level.

The compressor sits on four rubber insulators. These dump the vibrations that it produces. It is perfect for indoor activities.

Who It’s For

This is a professionals’ best tool for those who prefer to work indoors in a quiet environment. These are those jobs that require constant communication between members. Cabinet makers and installation contractors are well covered.


  • The quietest compressor around
  • The tank fills up pretty fast
  • It has a quick recovery time
  • You can leave it unattended, but still, it doesn’t leak
  • Good value for your money.
  • The handle is well balanced for carrying comfort


  • The small tank capacity is an inconvenience.
  • Loading it onto a truck is not a walk in the park.

Final Verdict

There is absolutely no reason to hate this little compressor. It works so well, delivering 150 PSI of compressed air. The noise level of 46 dBa is the quietest in its group of silent compressors. The Senco PC1010 for example has 69 dBa and still delivers 125 PSI of compressed gas. There is no need of buying the expensive compressors that are loud and does the same job as this one.

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