Kensun D1002 Review


A leader in automotive parts and accessories, Kensun has offered a wide variety of automotive parts such as HID conversion kits, LED conversion kits, as well as air compressors. One of the highest rated air compressors by the manufacturer is the Kensun D1002  \ Kensun YS-205 portable air compressor, which is designed to help users safely and quickly re-inflate their tires, getting them back on the road instead of waiting for the tow truck. Let’s take a closer look at what the Kensun D1002 compressor has to offer.

At-A-Glance Specs
D1002  \ YS-205
Tank Size:
Air Flow Rate:
11-litres per minute
Max Pressure:
40 PSI
(1-5 stars)


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The Kensun D1002 is compact, small enough to fit into the truck of even the smallest vehicle. Included with the compressor unit is a carrying case to allow users to easily carry and maneuver the unit wherever they need it. It weighs less than 5-pounds, which makes it light enough for anyone to carry.


Although this unit is quite small in comparison to others on the market, it is powerful enough to handle a wide variety of inflation jobs. Many people use it to re-inflate their car or truck tires, but it can also quickly air up a deflated basketball, soccer ball, or beach ball in record time!

Included with the unit are three nozzle adapters. These accessories allow users to re-inflate virtually any flat tire, including tires on motorcycles, bicycles, and lawnmowers; as well as camping equipment and children’s toys such as air mattresses and volleyballs. It includes a long, 9-foot cord that can be plugged into a cigarette lighter, and a 6-foot cord with an AC plug. The multi-functional unit operates on DC 12-volt or AC 110-volt power, and includes a high quality 21.7-inch rubber air hose – long enough to reach every tire on your vehicle with ease.

Who It’s For

Designed for residential users in mind, this is a great unit for virtually anyone. It’s primary use is to re-inflate your tires, so that you are not stranded on the roadside. Many vehicle owners, travelling sub-contractors, and businesses recommend keeping a small tire-inflation compressor with them at all times.


  • Compact2
  • Includes carrying case for easy maneuverability
  • Pumps up to 40-PSI
  • Includes gauge that measures up to 250-PSI
  • Pumps 11-litres per minute
  • Multi-functional
  • Includes two power cables, 3-piece adapter accessories, and a high quality rubber air hose


  • Relatively weak in power
  • Users have reported that the unit is somewhat loud while in operation


Final Verdict

Overall, for carrying a $60 price tag, the Kensun D1002 portable air compressor unit is a decent item to keep in your emergency roadside arsenal. It is powerful enough to get the job done in times of an emergency, and the bonus features of being able to re-inflate a variety of tires, equipment, and children’s toys are an added benefit. However, some users have reported that the unit is somewhat loud. If you are not too concerned about waking up the neighborhood when your tire goes flat at 3 a.m. while travelling back from your vacation, then this unit will serve you well.


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