Hitachi EC2510E Review


If you’re looking for a powerful gas-powered compressor to take to the jobsite, the Hitachi EC2510E is one to take a look at. Many people don’t think of Hitachi as a household name when it comes to air tools but they are actually one of the better names when it comes to power tools. How does the EC2510E stack up when it comes to powerful contractor-grade portable air compressors? Read our full review below.

At-A-Glance Specs
Wheel Barrow
176 pounds
Tank Size:
8 gallons
Peak HP:
Max Pressure:
150 PSI
Power Type:
Oil Type:
(1-5 stars)

Hitachi EC2510E review

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The Hitachi EC2510 air compressor comes in a wheel barrow type configuration consisting of twin air tanks totaling 8 gallons. Because of its hefty 176 pound weight, wheeling this bad boy around on its heavy duty front pneumatic tire is really the only way to go. On top sits a 5.5HP Honda GX160 gas engine. As anyone with Honda experience knows, their engines are almost bulletproof and are able to take a whole lot of abuse before any problems crop up. While it only has a .95 gallon fuel tank, the Honda is quite fuel efficient and will run a long time in between fillups.

Hitachi EC2510e partsThe 100% cast iron cylinders are made for long life. One unique feature on the Hitachi compressor is the pneumatic throttle control instead of the traditional cable type which is one of the most common failure points on compressors. While it may reduce the chance of breakage, it also makes it harder to fix than the cable type. The manufacturer emphasizes that the Hitachi requires very little maintenance and is simple to operate. On example of this would be the oversize oil site glass which makes keeping an eye on the oil level easy.


All things considered, the Hitachi EC2510E offers excellent performance for the money. It will achieve 9.3 CFM at 90psi allowing you to operate multiple framing nailers at the same time as well as heavy duty impact wrenches, air shears, and automatic grease guns as examples. The ability to inflate large tires such as on tractors and other farm equipment is great for farmers and ranchers. Even with this power, the Hitachi merely sips fuel and it’s a good model to consider if you’re looking for a workhorse type compressor.

Noise Level

As a gas powered compressor, the EC2510E will be louder than most electric type air compressors. Because it is intended for outdoor use, that’s not too big of an issue. Also, because it runs on gas, it will always make noise when idling and not in use. In comparison, an electric compressor will not run when the air pressure inside the tank is high enough and the unit is not in use. When compared to other gas models, this Hitachi is actually on the quieter side mainly due to its smooth running Honda engine.

Who It’s For

This model is made for contractors and recommended by them. If you work on job sites which have no access to electricity, a gas compressor is a must. You can choose to spend $1k+ on a more familiar name but performance will be comparable to the much less expensive Hitachi. Those who don’t want to mess with constant maintenance will also appreciate the EC2510E. This unit is a workhorse and will run for hours upon hours with the only need being to add fuel every once in a while. With its high airflow, multiple users will be able to run their air tools at the same time.


  • Durable Honda engine
  • Good performance
  • Idle control (saves fuel; quieter)
  • Lower price than other brands
  • Easy maintenance/operation


  • Quality of non-engine parts is only average
  • Little hard to start at first but gets better in time
  • Only 1 year factory warranty
  • Cheap belt casing

Final Verdict on the Hitachi EC2510E Air Compressor

While it may not be the best gas-powered air compressor on the market, the Hitachi EC2510E offers you a whole lot for your money. It all starts with the excellent Honda engine and unique features. While it may not be the biggest name in air compressors, this Hitachi can stand up to more well-known brands such as Rolair and Dewalt while saving you hundreds in the process. Definitely one to consider when on a budget as long as you don’t mind that some of the non-engine parts may not be of exceptional quality.

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