Grip-Rite GR152CM Review


The Grip-Rite GR152CM is a 2 gallon twin tank air compressor meant for home use. It is particularly lightweight and the unique layout of the tanks make it much more stable than many of the other air compressors on the market. It is perfect for use in and around your house for inflation needs and small air tool jobs. It is quite solid, has sure grips and is easy to carry from place to place.

At-A-Glance Specs
Twin hot dog
37 pounds
Tank Size:
2 gallons
Peak HP:
Max Pressure:
125 PSI
Pump Type:
Oil Type:
75 dBA
(1-5 stars)

Grip-Rite GR152CM Review

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The Grip-Rite compressor has twin air tanks that total 2 gallons and shapes that’s totally portable. The “pontoon” style is perfect for stability and you don’t have to worry about it knocking over like some other brands. The rugged roll cage is added protection should you manage to knock it loose. While heavier than some of the ultra-light compressors, the GR152CM has much better performance will still weighing in at only 37 pounds.


The max psi on this unit is 125 which is about average for a good quality compressor of this size. The more important figure is the CFM where the Grip-Rite GR152CM puts out a decent 2.6 CFM at 90 PSI making it between average to slightly above average compared to its competitors. The pump on time is about 50 seconds and it has a quick 10 second recovery. This portable air compressor has a life expectancy of 4,000 hours which is also fairly good for an oil-less compressor.

Pump Type

Like all other small consumer air compressors, the unit is electric and can run off standard house power. Because it has an oil-free pump you don’t have to worry about maintenance. It works well for all light duty applications such as filling car tires and trim work around the house.

Noise Level

The manufacturer rates this compressor at 75 decibels but that figure is debatable. When others ran this compressor back to back with other 75 decibel models, they swore the Grip-Rite was a bit louder than advertised. Definitely not as loud as some of the oil-less pancake compressors but we’ll only rate this one average.

Who It’s For

While this tends to be a home use air compressor, it is a good backup portable air compressor for some professions such as cabinet makers. While many would not consider it satisfactory to be the only compressor on a job, it is a great one to take on the roof or to high places without concerns of dropping the compressor in the process.


  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Design makes it very stable
  • Good for use on sloped surfaces
  • Uses little power so as not to blow breakers
  • 10 second recovery for continuous workability
  • Recessed gauges for protection
  • Simple instructions for use


  • The tank is not cast iron and is easier to puncture
  • Seems noisier than the advertised 75 decibels
  • The oil-less tank gives it a more limited life span.
  • Sometimes it takes longer than the recovery period advertised.
  • No wheel for moving it around, though it’s easy to carry like a suitcase.

Final Verdict on the Grip-Rite GR152CM Air Compressor

The Grip-Rite is a good option for a small compressor. Whether you need it for small jobs around the house or just as a secondary compressor on a job site, you could do much worse with another compressor. If you don’t mind a little more weight, the Makita MAC700 offers slightly better performance and better overall build quality.

The pontoon design really does help keep the device upright, something that is quite important when you are working with long hoses or imbalanced situations. Because of the design and the fact that it’s oil-less, the Grip-Rite GR152CM is one of few compressors you can use on sloped surfaces and would make a great choice if that’s something you regularly deal with.

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